Urban Mining

Urban Mining is defined as the recovery of raw material in an urban area. Recycling product is the new name of garbage. As the name describes properly garbage is not garbage anymore, but instead a commodity that was generated from other materials. Searching for methods to regain commodity where other people only see junk is one of the most valuable ideas for a circular economy. Urban Mining or the city seen as a mine give one the idea of what it is all about. A lot of tools are the same as the ones used in real mines: excavator,conveyor, jackhammer etc. and thats why I decided to implement the idea of a mining claim map as a base for my posters. As one can see there are little cross sections in the background of the posters, those represent the idea of the claim map found in real life. In order to encourage the idea of looking at a mining based poster most of the graphics are based in this matrix. Reduced to the facts and with linear design I tried again to remind the viewer of a technical and reduced mining map.

Tobias Hahn
Kommunikationsdesign (B. A.)
Sommersemester 2015